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All-Ukrainian linguistic herald ‘Language and Society’ is issued by Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. It is the first Ukrainian periodical edition dedicated to the problems of new direction and academic discipline – sociolinguistics. This field has been actively developed since the beginning of 90s of the 20th century. It studies language in social context as a research of social life by means of linguistic categories. Nonetheless, the disciplines of sociolinguistic cycle have not yet been introduced to the curricula of the Ukrainian universities. The herald unites post-graduate students, university instructors and researchers from various academic institutions, who study interaction of linguistic phenomenon and extra-linguistic influence detecting infinite samples of social language realization at the level of linguistic abstraction. The publications disclose the interaction of language and society on the basis of numerous languages through the prism of interaction of linguistics with other fields, primarily sociology, history, cultural studies, philosophy, social geography and others, promoting interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of sociolinguistic issues.

The main task of the herald is to foster the development of theory and methodology of sociolinguistic research based on different languages. Therefore, the range of issues covered includes the problems of theory, methods of analysis, history of sociolinguistics, historical, applied and cognitive sociolinguistics, social onomastics, linguistic landscape, linguistic and social aspects of text and communication, etc. The essays of the herald discuss the interaction of language and society with the help of such principles of analysis as anthropocentrism, explanatoriness, expansionism and functionalism. The collection of articles favors the differentiation of approaches of sociolinguistics, which has not been completed in the Ukrainian sociolinguistics.

Another aim of the periodical is to present the results obtained at the universities and academic centers of Ukraine to the wide readership. Simultaneously, with the aim of exchanging the information between different schools of sociolinguistics, the editorial board invites the authors from different countries. This way the edition fosters the development of academic dialogue of the Ukrainian and foreign linguistics by spreading the ideas of the Ukrainian sociolinguistics in other academic environments. The collection includes the reviews and annotations of the latest editions dedicated to interaction of language and society in the Ukrainian and foreign linguistics and discusses the problems of sociolinguistic conferences.

Being an informative educational and academic journal, the herald fosters the renewal of teaching material for lectures and workshops in a variety of sociolinguistic disciplines, giving access to new knowledge for students of the humanities. The publication of the edition by the Faculty of Linguistics, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is not a mere coincidence: in 2004 the cycle of sociolinguistic disciplines was introduced to the curriculum; in 2004 annual Ukrainian Sociolinguistic Seminar was initiated (more than 200 linguists from the universities and institutions of Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Poland and Croatia have presented their papers since then); students’ conference and competition of research papers in sociolinguistics under the auspices of the Ministry of Education are held annually; post-graduate students are working on their theses in the field of sociolinguistics.

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